Talented estonian youngsters are compeating in go-karting series Talendid Rajale (translated from estonian: Talents to track). First stage took place in Laitse Rally park, where 70 young racers tested their skills on modern karting track.

Usually I don't do weddings. But when Lii and Timo came to talk to me, I just had no other choice. They said to me: "There is only one Karola in ths world, we want your style and approach.." So I had to say yes.  

VihurMoto is known for its trackday series, where motorsport enthusiast can power their skills on a real racetrack. Marko Rohtlaans one of the main goals is that people get more knowledge how to act on real life situations and therefore avoid crashes on the streets, drive safer and just enjoy the ride.

Photogallery from II stage @ Aravete Kardikeskus. 10 hours of burning sun and so many different emotions from the track. See for yourself.


Photogallery taken in Estonian drifting competition Summer Bash 2019 @ Audru, auto24ring, where The Outdoor Broadcasting Van Live crew made an awesome live broadcast.  Epic event brought to you by epic people. 


Baltic RX rallycross 1.stage took place in Estonia, Kulbilohu, where #91 Andre Kiil took second place in crosskart extreme class. 


Talented estonian youngsters are compeating in go-karting series Talendid Rajale (translated from estonian: Talents to track). Sixth stage took place in Tartu, Lange Motocenter, where more than 20 young racers tested their skills on a really fast track. 


The gallery of a special day, when The Outdoor Broadcasting Van team made livebroadcast of estonian nr.1 rallystar Ott Tänak driving from the garage to the cinema, where the movie Ott Tänak - The Movie was waiting to be seen for the first time in public. 


STCC (Scandinavian Touring Car Championschip) estonian TCR driver Andre Kiil #91 and he's team Browallen Design did some testing in Rudskogen (Norway) and Mantorp (Sweden) racetracks during season 2018.


Andre is talented driver, who has won two times in a row Estonian and Finnish series in BMW Xtreme Cup and currently looking for new and more challenging series to participate in.


Working side-by-side at Shell Helix Rally Estonia 2018 with the best in Estonia, together with the guys and girls from The Outdoor Broadcasting Van, Eesti Meedia and Levira, who all played a humble part in bringing the action from RALLY ESTONIA to your TV's on Kanal 12 and online at Postimees.


Alltogether, 5 OB van's from three providers were scattered all over the rally with 45 camera positions and more than 70 people working on the live production. No less than 15km of cabling was done and 6 stages of 16 were broadcasted live. It was a great honour to be part of the team who brought to you possibly the biggest production in Estonia. 

Nordic Championship 2018 / Estonian Championship RD2 @ Pärnu, Estonia. Haven't been to jetski competition for years now. If I start to think, then jetski is the place where I took my first motorsport photos. Had some really good time with you guys ;) 


Enduro Tallinn GP 2018 was held in Tallinn this year. I had the honour to capture the most important actions: the organizing team. Was a bit confuzing in the beginning: needed to leave those crazy enduro guys to background instead of chacing them. But it was so much fun :) Thanks for inviting! 


Elisa Drone Racing League (EDRL) brings competetive FPV flying to Baltics and Finland in a world class scale! The quadcopters are equipped with cameras, which send the live feed to the goggles which the pilot is wearing, so that the pilot can operate the quad through the gates and the obstacles. The racing speed can be up to 200km/h